Diet Tip #2: The 15 Minute Rule

15 minutes ago I was CRAZY HUNGRY.

I just finished my small afternoon meal (1/4 bowl of cornflakes and yogurt – 130 calories) and it was no way near enough.

And then the inner dialog started…

Lizard Brain: “I’m not feeling that good, maybe I should put the diet on hold. Eat well and get stronger.

Yoav: “Well… you know you’ve just eaten a good meal, and you’ve got another one coming in 3 hours. Maybe you’re just thirsty?”

Lizard Brain:  “Maybe … let’s check”

(Gulp, Gulp, Gulp)

Lizard Brain: “Nope, still HUNGRY, let’s eat…”

Yoav: “Wait. Hang on, let’s wait 15 minutes, and see if we’re still hungry. You know… the 15 minute rule”

Lizard Brain: “(Growl)… OK, but in 15 minutes it’s PIZZA TIME”

15 minutes have passed and I am very full and content. Yoav and the lizard brain are one again.

You see… when we eat, our body produces hormones that trigger the feeling of fullness in the brain (specifically in the hypothalamus). This feeling of fullness occurs 10 to 20 minutes after we’ve started eating. Some studies have shown that in obese people the feeling of fullness takes longer to appear, but the good news are that after 20 minutes, everybody feels full.

So the bottom line is… if you feel hungry after your meal, you don’t have to suffer until your next meal (or eat more than you’re allowed). Just wait 15 minutes and presto … You’re full.

photo credit: ToniVC via photopin cc

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