People Sensitive To-Do List

I keep forgetting things. It’s not old age, I’ve always been like that.

I want to use a To-do list software, but all the To-Do list tools miss a big feature – they aren’t people sensitive.

For example …  I need to talk to Eran about swimming classes for my son.

But usually when I am around Eran I am doing my best not to drown while performing his increasingly evil swimming exercises. I am not focused on crossing stuff off my to-do list.

But my iPhone could do that. My iPhone should know when I:

  • Meet people who are related to tasks on my to-do list
  • When I talk to them on the phone
  • When I write them an email
  • Or when I receive an email from them
  • When I send or receive an SMS message to these people

And then, my dear, beloved iPhone should let me know that I have tasks related to that person.

If my iPhone did that, I would become a To-do list machine … diligently writing down, executing and crossing off items from my list. And then I’ll be the grown up, responsible person I should be.

Then again… I’d probably not.

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