Admitting The Truth and Time to Recover

Failure is hard. No matter how experienced you are and how many times you’ve failed before, failure is still hard to cope with.

Last week I launched a website. Most people would have considered it a success. And it is a moderate success, but its current conversion rate and CTR are not enough to take us where we want to go.

And there isn’t a way to tweak it into a success (sometimes there are, but that’s not the case here).

So step one was admitting the truth. Admitting that it’s not good enough, that we need something better.

But step two is taking time to recover. Although I already have a pretty awesome idea about a new approach, I know that I can’t attack it right away. Right now my energy is the murky energy of failure. I need the murky energy to go away so I can attack the new approach with enthusiasm.

I’ll take a couple of days and come back with the warm golden energy of optimism and we’ll rock this boat.

One last thing… if you find a technique that enables you to bounce back from failure, then you are the KING. Each Failure makes you smarter and if you fail a lot and bounce back, you’ll be smarter than every one else and then you win.

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