Why your smallest products are your biggest marketing asset

I’ve always struggled with my weight. If I am not mindful – I eat. And since I am not always mindful I’ve had to learn how to diet.

One of my biggest diet tricks is the BIG salad. I make one every day. This means that I need to cut A LOT of vegetables. A task that made me fall in love with the Victorinox vegetable knife.

It’s not a fancy knife. It costs about 5$, but it cuts through cucumbers like a Lightsaber cuts through empire clones. I love getting it out of the drawer. I love how it feels in in my hand. I love how effortlessly it cuts the vegetables. I would easily pay $50 for it.

This $5 knife has sold me on the Victorinox brand. I now WANT to buy a Victorinox watch and would give any of their products a more-than-fair chance.

If you sell anything, you should be copying Victorinox – make excellent everyday products. They will create your brand, not through advertising, but through experience. And then when the customer decides to buy the big product. He’ll buy it from you – even if it’s a Lightsaber.

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