Diet Tip #4: Lose The Shame

When  trying to lose weight, eating out is a challenge.

Restaurants are pretty simple because  you can select the dishes and ask to have them prepared in a certain way.

Eating with family/friends is also easy. You can call ahead and ask if they could prepare a big salad (hold the oil please) or a big bowl of steamed vegetables. You can also bring your own food.

But you won’t, because you’re ashamed.

I’ve gained many pounds because of that shame. I’ve stayed fat because of that shame.

Admitting to myself that I wanted to be thinner, that I wanted to go on a diet, that I wasn’t happy with the way I was – that was tough.

But admitting that to others – that was unthinkable.

I couldn’t possibly negotiate the terms of dinner (dishes and composition) with my host or with the waiter. That would be admitting weakness in front of the people that I value the most.


Truly changing yourself is the ultimate show of power. Deciding on a course of action that would require sacrifice, persistence and change and following up on it, is something very few people do.

So lose the shame. Tell that waiter that you want the tuna salad with the olive oil on the side because you want to add it yourself.

Bring a couple of tomatoes and a cucumber to your aunt’s dinner and make yourself a salad right there.

Some people might give you a funny look. But your real friends will admire you.

I promise.

In following posts I’ll lay out the exact tactics of eating out, but for now, remember…

You have nothing to be ashamed of.

photo credit: andybullock77 via photopin cc


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