How A Fight With A Client Made Her $80,000 (A Technique You Can Use)

“Happiness is a positive cash flow” -Mythical CEO

$80,000 or a %13,000 return on investment.  This is how much money the technique I am about to share with you generated for one of my clients.

I’ve only started working with her a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been friends for a long time, but we just got around to improving her marketing system.

And we’ve quickly discovered that while she was doing an amazing job for her customers (she is literally responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue) – she had no testimonials to speak of.

She didn’t want to ask her clients for testimonials – no one does.

But since the service she is providing is so powerful, we had to back it up with a ton of proof, otherwise no one would believe us.

So after a fierce argument, she agreed that her most important task is to go after these testimonials.

At first,  she called one client and got a glowing testimonial.

She called another one and got another brilliant testimonial.

And when she called the third … she got a brilliant testimonial and … (drum roll please)… $80,000 worth of work.

And this is my gift to you on this day…

When you ask your best customers for testimonials they will

1) Be happy to provide one

2) In the process of giving you the testimonial they will remember how wonderful you are and how beneficial you were to their business and…

3) If they have a project you can help with, they’ll ask for your help right away!

And that’s it… amazingly simple.

Now go get some testimonials and make some money…


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