Why I Want Clients That Drive Around In Armored Cars

There’s a reason why heavy rollers buy armored cars and are guarded by 6’5, 300 pound gorillas.

And it’s not because they want to show off … well … maybe its a part of it.

But the main reason is that everyone wants a piece of them.

You see… they have money.

And that is what makes me want to work with them.

Don’t get me wrong – I love entrepreneurs with a glint in their eye and a hole in their pockets. I believe in the power of dreams.

But I want to get paid.

When I get a consulting client he needs to …

1. Have money to pay my fees

2. Be in a position to take my advice, apply it to his/her business and make a profit almost immediately

In fact – I want to be able to very quickly produce enough profits so that a year’s worth of my fees are generated within the first month of consulting.

3. He needs to want to pay for services and preferably…

4. To have a past record of hiring high level consultants.

And that’s my advice for you today…

Go after the sharks, the whales, the heavy hitters. Find a way to get past those bodyguards and do your thing.

Because if you’re going to market to the broke. Then you better be selling low cost food.

Otherwise… good luck to you.

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