How to Sell With Kung-Fu Stories

Imagine this…

It’s the mid 1980s. Way past midnight in down town Los Angeles.

Three dirty looking punks with mohawk hair-dos and tattoos that cover their entire bodies stand at the street corner.

A police patrol car stops in front of them.  Sitting behind the wheel is a cop with a jackass look and a mustache to match.

“Do you have permits for these?” He asks… pointing at the pistols hanging out of their torn pants.

The dirty blond guy throws his skateboard on the ground and kicks it under the police cruiser so that just the tip of the skateboard is still visible.

“Here’s our permits ” he says … and kick-flips the skateboard…

The skateboard hits the bottom of the police cruiser with so much force it sends it FLYING into the night sky.

The three punks pull out their guns and shoot round after round, until they blow up the car that’s still twirling in the air.

That is the opening scene of the  “Kung Fury” movie trailer.

As I write this … the trailer has raised $262,989 on for the sole purpose of of finishing the movie.

You see… the movie isn’t finished. The producer/director needed money to complete the movie. So he created a movie trailer with the awesomest story he could think of. And asked the world to help him finance the production.

And the world replied enthusiastically and donated more than a quarter of a million to an unknown Swedish movie producer.

And all that money was raised in less than 48 hours.

Just because the story is so AWESOME… more than 6000 people around the world were willing to pay between $5-$10,000 just to see how the story ends.

This is how brilliant advertising works.

Brilliant advertising is an 80s kung-fu action comedy trailer.

It tells a story so powerful, the customer has no choice – he has to buy the product to see how the story ends.

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