How to Make Mad Money with Propaganda

There’s a lot of advice on the internet on making money. But oddly enough, nearly no one talks about the easiest, fastest way to make money – propaganda.

Here’s the game plan:

1. Exploit a certain population to make money – It doesn’t really matter who you exploit as long as you milk them for everything they’re worth.

2. Control the media – Use the money you get from exploiting said population to purchase a lot of advertising.This is a brilliant strategy. It allows you to sell more products with a huge profit (remember, you are either exploiting your workers or your customers or both).  Plus, because you are such a big advertiser, you have enormous influence over the newspaper/TV Channel.

Or even better, you can buy the goddamn newspaper. They are dirt cheap these days thanks to the internet.

3. Use your control to block/counter the news of your evil deeds.

You don’t even have to fully block the news. But if one news paper comes out with a story about you, you can use your own channel to:

A) Say that they are full of shit

B) Accuse them of working for your competitors (probably true)

C) Expose someone else so the focus shifts from you

D) Create a diplomatic crisis so the focus shifts from you

E) And so on…

4. Monopolize your market – Combine your superior profit margins and control of the media to drive out all your (honest) competitors from the market and block entry of new competition. Remember, you now have enough cash and power to wage price wars, bribe politicians hire lobbyists, threaten partners that you’ll stop working with them and so on.

5. Totally exploit the market – You already know how to exploit, but now that you are a monopoly, you can exploit EVERYONE.

6. Use your cash to enter and exploit new markets – choose a new market, and apply this plan from the beginning.

Or… you can choose to make an honest living.

1. Create awesome content

2. Create even better products

3. Create cool advertising

4. Partner up with smart decent people

It’s not as glamorous as the first plan. But it’s a living.

Choose wisely my friend.

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