Why the REAL Diet Happens on the Weekend

On any given weekday I have a very strict (some may say boring) routine.

  1. I get up and drink coffee
  2. Eat an energy bar (low calories) and drink water
  3. Drop the kids off at school
  4. Swim for an hour
  5. Eat a raw egg (to build muscle) and bit of cornflakes to restore energy after the swim
  6. Work
  7. Drink coffee
  8. Work
  9. I make and eat a big salad and drink water
  10. work
  11. Eat my 4pm meal – usually cornflakes and yogurt.
  12. work
  13. Go home at around 7pm and eat dinner (2 slices of bread, vegetables, some low fat pastrami and soup)
  14. Play with the kids, showers, insert kids into bed
  15. Read something or see a TV show with the wife
  16. Eat the night meal (a couple of biscuits and a Popsicle).
  17. Go to sleep.

It’s all very predictable, habit based and … very effective in helping me lose weight. But on the weekend the routine goes to hell. It’s more like…

  1. Sleep late
  2. Chaos
  3. Birthday parties
  4. Chaos
  5. Snacks
  6. Family feasts
  7. Chaos
  8. Snacks

That’s why you have to be particularly mindful on the weekends and be aware that if you can maintain your diet through the weekend, you have 10 times the chance to lose weight.

photo credit: Drew “Rukes” Ressler via photopin cc

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