How to Lose Weight with Very Little Will Power

Will power is scarce. And almost everything we do drains it – the job, the kids, trying not to explode in a blinding flash of road rage and killing that idiot that doesn’t even signal before he cuts us off.

And to make things worse, losing weight requires an enormous amount of will power (if using will power is your only strategy). That’s why most diets fail after the first 2-3 Kilos (4-7 pounds). You just don’t have enough will power to sustain it.

The easy way lose weight it is to acquire diet habits.

Dieting through habits does require you to spend a little energy on acquiring each habit, but once you’ve acquired it, you don’t use will power when dieting. It’s on autopilot – like brushing your teeth in the morning.

Here’s a list of diet habits I ‘trained myself’ into:

  • Bringing my own food to meals at family/friends
  • Asking about the ingredients and making special requests at restaurants
  • Reading the labels at the supermarket
  • Eating 6 small meals/day
  • Indulging myself once a week
  • Exercising
  • Diet focused shopping
  • Feeding myself first
  • Planning the day ahead
  • The BIG salad
  • Spending money on eating well when necessary

This list might seem like a lot to do, but once you acquire those small habits, you won’t need to think about them at all. And as a result, you’ll steadily lose weight every week, without struggling and suffering.

We’ll discuss these habits in details in future posts.

photo credit: Lif… via photopin cc


Just to make it perfectly clear … injecting heroine might be an effective way to lose weight but it will kill you.

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